Wd tv live + wn821n v4 wifi problem


I have WD TV Live (WDBAAP0000NBK-00) media player and I bought a wifi usb stick right after consulting the compatibility list. It was hard to find one, since the list is a bit outdated, but I managed to find a tplink tl-wn821n.

Unfortunately this is version 4, whilst your compatibility list mentions ver 2.2.

The 2 versions are completely different in hardware (v2 uses atheros, v4 uses realtek), but of course nobody knows this before they buy the product. So the usb wifi stick doesn’t work with my WD box, although I upgraded with the latest firmware (1.06.43).

It would be really nice to release a new firmware with some new usb wifi sticks.

Thank you


The Version must be the same as on the compatibility list. If its not the same version then it might not work. Sorry that in your case it didn’t.

List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live HD Media Player and WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player