WD TV Live with Time Capsule problem

Hi Guys,

I have Time Capsule set up as my wireless router and a disk share.  I keep all my video and photos on my Time Capsule share.  Purchased WD TV Live couple of days ago along with USB WIFI adapter.  I can connect to Time Capsule from WD TV Live via WIFI only if one of my PCs is on.  In other words WD TV Live doesn’t see Time Capsule, it can only see Time Capsule if I turn on my PC.  That’s a very odd behavior. When PC is on, WD can discover both Time Capsule and PC; when PCs are off WD can’t see anything. 

Any ideas? I will try wired setup later today, but not sure how can that help.

Thanks in advance!

I played around with TC settings, restored to factory defaults, and now WD TV Live doesn’t see Time Capsule at all.  At this point I am triing to figure out if WD TV Live supports Time Capsule, and if it does, how to make it work. I am really frustrated with this :frowning:

I’m having the same problem, I’ll try a few things as well, and see if anything works.

I’d suggest replacing the Time Capsul with a My Book World (White Light) drive (and getting a real router). Not only is it a far superior drive (in my personal opinion), sporting features ranging from a built in BitTorrent client to remote access to a built in media server, but it’s on the list of officially supported devices for the WDTV Live. Alternativly you could purchase a regular My Book and connect it to the live via USB (you can still access it from the network when its connected to the WD TV Live).

You can find some info here  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-General/Apple-time-capsule-USB-HD-connection-problem/td-p/59