WD TV Live with Belkin N+ USB HD

I have the WD TV Live connected to my Belkin N+ router (wired to one of the gigabit ports).  I have a USB HD (500G) connected to the USB port on the Belkin N+ router.  I can see the Belkin as one of the shared resources on the WD Live, but can’t access it.  It asks me for a userid and password.  I’ve tried guest, etc. but nothing seems to work. 

Anyone out there had any success with this configuration?



This may be a permission issue with Windows.  You may have to create a shared resource with a username and password so you can sign in to it.  There are other boards in the forum that deal with this. You should search for it.


I’m having the same issue using the same hardware.  Was there a resolution to this?

Thank you,