WD TV Live will not power down

Just picked up a Live + a couple of days ago and I am not real pleased with it.

I have had network problems galore , but that is not the reason for this post.

I was watching a NetFlix movie this morning and had to run out to do an errand. I was gone for 45 minutes and when I got back home the movie was over and the Live+ was frozen ! Totally non - responsive.

The power light will not shut off and the system will not re-boot. I have done a quick reset - nothing - nada - zip - ziltch.

 I have replaced the batteries in the remote - no joy. I checked to see if the remote is working with a digital camera – it is transmitting.

I have been fiddling around with getting this thing networked (without much succes) and I now  am thinking that this thing is a brick.

Any tips , thoughts or direction is appreciated.  

Uhm, did you try just unplugging it?

TonyPh12345 wrote:

Uhm, did you try just unplugging it?

I sign up to this forum , looking for help and I get a a smarmy dig like this  ?

_ Uhm _ …I hope your Mom is proud of you.

p.s. I see that you have 9,500+ posts , I hope that they were helping people , not just being a **********

You said … “The power light will not shut off and the system will not re-boot.”

So you’re saying that, even after pulling the plug and fully rebooting it, it still will not shut off?

That is the ONLY symptom you mentioned after all…  it won’t shut off.

So that must mean that everything else is working normally.  


I just started having this same problem.  Maybe I will clarify issues.

I’ll be using my WD Live Plus.  No problems with anything.  Operation is normal.  I have had it for about three weeks and operation has been totally normal up until three days ago.

I attempt to turn it off, the screen goes black, and the light on the Live stays on.  The screen is blank, I don’t get the “check signal cable” or “no signal” dialog that shows up on my TV when its actually off. After that, the Live is frozen.  The power indicator light stays on but there are no responses to the remote at all.

I have left it this way twice, once for 5 minutes and once for 20 minutes, in order to see if it would clear.  No change.

The only way to fix this is to pull the power and let it reboot.  When it starts back up, operation is normal, but the problem persists every time I try and shut it off.  It is not intermittent.

My next step is to try a hard-reset and then, failing that, load up a prior version of the firmware.

So, do I have a bad Live, bad firmware, or is there something else going on?

Ok, this may be a “new” symptom of a mysterious issue.

Next time, before you let it idle, disconnect the NETWORK cable (I presume you are actually on the network.)

Does it then behave normally?

I disconnected the network cable and powered down.  SUCCESS!!!

Now, what does that mean?

It looks as though unplugging the network cable and letting it power down that one time has completely cleared up the problem.

Does that mean its going or does it point to some kind of configuration/FW problem?