WD TV Live will not let me play anything

Had a WDTV for over a year now.  Use to play anything I threw at it.  Now it won’t play anything other than standard definition xvid files.  No matter what i do it justc ontinually shows the loading circle.

I want to try to upgrade the firmware, but when I go to setting->home there is no “new fimware found” button despite the firmware being on the root of my usb stick.

Is my wdtv borked?

Have you tried the suggested resets?

And are you sure you have the correct firmware?

What suggested resets?  Tried a factory reset if that’s what you meant.

As for firmware it’s 1.02.21

That’s pretty old firmware… You probably played a bad file and it’s locked it up. After you try to play a bad file, it’s a good bet that nothing will play after that until you unplug it.

Ok managed to upgrade firmware and now everything is back to normal.