WD TV Live will not accept Windows XP user/pwd

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Just purchased a WD TV Live, easy install.  It browses and sees 2 PC’s on my wireless network.  Note that it does not list actual shared folders, just lists the names of the 2 pc’s.  One pc, a windows XP SP3, has a WD ELements USB3 HDD that I use for media storage - I shared (wide open permissions) a folder on this drive.  When I select the windows share, it asks me to login,  and offers up the default login screen with the “anonymous” user.  I established a user on my WinXP box named anonymous with no pwd.  That did not work.  I tried to use exisitng usernames (Administrator, family, guest) but no luck.  In Admin, I set security on the PC so that user/pwd login were not required for any of the users, however, WD Live still wants me to enter user/pwd credentials.

Maybe I’m approaching this from the wrong direction - I have been trying to back off security from the Windows side; maybe I should be looking at a setting I can make on the WD Live box.  I tried using a setting on WD Live in Settings where you you tell it to not use pwd protection when logging into Windows network shares - that doesn;t seem to work.

Anybody got any hints, workarounds etc. ?? I’ve had a peek around the forum(s) but haven’t really seen the direct answer to my question.  But, if it  has been answered, please direct me to it.

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Setting up  the shares is not the easiest thing … especially when it is not working for the first time.

What is with your workgroup ?

The workgroup is as important as usr and pw,

to be sure create a new workgroup in the win XP and the same workgroup in WD tv LIVE. 

Thanks for the reply to my inquiry.  I think I have the network set up correctly, -  all shares and the WDLIVE are in same workgroup named “Workgroup”

Just delete the workgroup in WD setup and in your windows and give it another/different name.

Then delete the login-information for networkshare shares in the setup.


Check access after this, does it help ?

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