WD TV Live Wifi very weak


Just bought a new WD TV Live.

My setup:

  • Router Thomson

  • Synology NAS DS213

  • WD TV Live

The router and NAS are in the living room. NAS is connected trough ethermet.

I bought this WD TV live to the bedroom, wich is a couple feets away from the router.

It seems i cant stream a simple 320x240 video via wifi (Windows File System). I tried to connect to my living room TV via ethernet and it ran flawless, even a full 1080p 13GB video. So i assume the issue here is the wifi.

It could be the weak signal of the wifi that is available in the bedroom, but the thing is, i have an ipad, android smartphone  and can stream and have a average wifi signal in the same bedroom as the wd tv live.

I also own a Apple TV 3, i put  the 2 in the exact same place in the bedroom, and with the Apple tv i was able to stream a 720p video without any troubles. However Apple TV streams from my laptop via iTunes and WD TV live is streaming via Synology NAS.

What soltution do i have? It’s obvious that this product is not achieving my needs, so should i:

  • Return the WD TV Live and ask for a new one (maybe it’s a unit with a faulty wifi)

  • Return the WD TV Live and think on another solution, this will never work for me

  • Buy a wifi repeater in order to extend the wifi signal to the bedroom 

  • Other (please specify)

If you need further information, please let me know.

Thank you.

You only thing we know here is that you are connected by WiFi and you say it seems that you cannot stream a video.
Can you stream youtube or the other services?
What exactly happens when you try to stream a video?
Are you connecting via network shares or media server.

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Thanks for your reply.

Yes i can stream youtube, not very fluid, but i tested a video and it worked.

When i stream a video it’s loading forever. I may have seen the first frame of some tests i made, bit most of them it just keeps on loading.

I tried both network and media server, Wasnt able to see any difference. What’s the best by the way ?