WD TV Live (WDBHG70000NBK) - Freezing

i just received my WD TV Live and with great anticipation, unboxed it, plugged it inx, configured iand updated it.  oence all up to date, i browsed for my share which is a FreeNAS server, and was unable to find it under windows shares.  i went to my old WD HD TV Live and searched for it there and it came right up, so i went back to the new device and restarted it and still nothing.  after a while of back and forth it finally showed up (not my complaint.)  i browsed the folder i have my movies in and tried to search with the remote (using search), a keyboard, and the mobile application with no luck.  while trying to scroll, after a short while it froze with the search icon and stay that way for a few hours until i pulled the plug as it was unresponsive.  please note that i have approximately folders in the directory that  it is trying to browse.  though uncommon, this isnt a problem for the older device. 

i am hoping that a fix for the scrolling and the search feature will be comming soon?

if there are any questions or anyone from WD wants to work with me directly i am available for this.  please note that i have experience programming, have been a beta tester in years past for AOL and Microsoft before beta was a household word.  i currently am in a technical IT role with many years experience with this sort of debugging.

Thanks in Advance!

You have a new WD TV Live Streaming Player and you should post at the forum below. This forum is for the old WD TV LIve.


Have you tried resetting the player to factory defaults via the internal menu. This sometimes helps if you have a problem particularly after a firmware update. 

This is a user to user forum and so therefore you will probably not get a response from WD directly.