Wd tv live & WD NAS 4TB


I’ve got a wd tv live & WD liveduo NAS 4TB. Even though i am saving my media to the NAS all of a sudden my live tv can only pick up content that i loaded until this problem started even if I reset the wdtv. It must be the wdtv where the problem is as I can see the NAS has the content there (through my pc network drive) but wdtv can’t see the extra content that I’ve loaded before the problem. I’ve not updated firmware on either the lieduo NAS or wdtv. I;ve reset the wdtv but it will only pick up the content up to where the problem started but I know there’s extra content there as I said.

Th only way I can play my content since the problem started is through my laptop or my Ipad (format allowing)

Anybody any ideas? Thanks in anticipation folks.

Hi Taskmaster013, have you tried pressing the rescan option from the My Book dashboard? Check page 114 of the manual for more information.