WD TV Live - WD Discovery Error

I’m installing the WD Discovery software that came with my WD TV Live HD Media Player. As soon as I click on the “WD Discovery” button - I get a “unhandled win32 exception occured in WDDiscovery.exe [5620]” error. I tried down loading the latest version of WDDiscovery from this website - v1.80 (1035.003) and it generates the same error tho with a different code number - [6008] - tho the exact number seems to vary.

All of this is on Windows XP SP3

The WD TV Live seems to be working just fine with my WD Passport connect via USB. It is connected to the PC via a wired cable and seems able to download firmware updates okay.

Any ideas?

This software only help you map the WD TV to your computer. Are you able to do so, manually? If so, you do not need to use this software.