Wd tv live - watch menu on pc

Can anyone tell me if its possible (if YES HOW) to see the WD TV LIVE menu screens on my PC, just like i would see it on my TV ?

Unless you connect the WD TV directly to your monitor, I don’t think is possible to view the WD TV interface in a monitor.

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.  The WDTV device has its own menu to remotely access files and content on your PC.

If you want to access those same files directly via the PC, you can use the file system built into your PC.

If you want to access the online content (netflix, flickr, etc), then you can just browse to those websites.

If you want a menu system on your PC that brings all of that together, you could look into some of the software that is available for the PC, like MS Windows Media Center (built into many versions of Windows), SageTV, etc.

Hope that helps.