Wd tv live vs wd tv hd

my sister wants to buy a wd tv too, but what’s the best? I know that Gen1 is the worst :smiley:

what the best tv live or tv hd gen 2? (I dont use so much networking)

thx for reply

if it was me, looking back, i’d buy a Patriot Box Office or spend a bit more and wait for the Boxee Box which will and both have dvd menus, no thumbnail issues etc.

what is thumbnail issue?

if you are on network shared system (like mine, hardwired to my pc through my router), it shows ALL MEDIA, music, pics and videos even if you select VIDEO or MUSIC from the WDTV.

so when you are in VIDEO mode and are browsing, you will see all your pictures (thumbnails for folders etc) and all your music.

very annoying.  there is workaround i posted for the thumbnail issue, but not for the network shares all media issue.

hope that makes sense, if not, i’ll explain later.  i’m off to work.

basically it SHOWS EVERYTHING in NETWORK SHARES, it doesn’t filter out file types like it would if you attatched an external HD or USB stick.

I figured it out, thx for your reply

I can say that MKV with AC3 plays better on Gen1 than WD tv live, I hope they will fix this issue

The “live” player is the only one with a network connection–the other player requires a dedicated USB drive attached to it.  If you want to stream to the box, you have to have a wired connection there are simply too many horror stories with folks discovering that wireless does not provide good results.

So HD live has a network port for streaming–and offers the most options–the HD player does not and requires a dedicated drive to sit beside the player box where all the movies reside.  

I am not talking about LAN, I only say that an MKV file with double audio, AAC and AC3, works bettere on GEN1 then Live, I am trying to figure out with support, I hope to discover soon why it happens

Can you clarify how it works “better”?

I have a number of MKV files with AAC and AC3 audio tracks that all play perfectly on my WD TV Live, both streaming from a media server (TVersity) and from network shares (although the beta firmware introduces a huge loading delay, once started it plays fine and this likely won’t be apparent in official releases).

What is the difference that makes it better on a WD TV HD?

I am talking about this with support, I hope to solve it soon

another with the same problem: