WD TV Live v2 Audio loss then File Type not supported Till restart power May have Solution

I have had the problem where any movie with a 720p or 720i or higher resolution sound cuts off randomly between 2 to 20 minutes into watching the movie still plays without sound but as soon as I stop and try to play it again it gives me the warning the File type is not supported and then all files in any folder will give this same warning till the device is unplugged from the power supply and restarted (Sound Familiar).
Having done electronics before circuit boards became to small for people to work on this to me is symptomatic of a resistor or capacitor overheating or not correctly fitted I noticed that the system lacks the Quality test Pass sticker that has a pass tick as found on many other electronic devices.
I will be returning to the store of purchase and getting a exchange to see if this may be the fault hoping I will have a non defective replacement.
The reason I think this is the problem is mainly due to the fact that not everyone is complaining of the problem but just a few so I would gather it is a 1 in 10 fault with the first batch to be manufactured hopefully this will be fixed by now.
I will update all with the outcome of the new device and demand a new receipt as to start the guarantee date from the date of the replaced item as this fault was progressive and it could occur again as I was able to play the files for some time before this issue started happening and if you notice it is failing much soon on ever play back.

If this happens with every file type you should replace it.  If only happens with specific file types you may check the user manual to see if files are compatible.