WD TV Live USB Switch off pause between videos

Hi dear people.

I want to play videos from a USB Stick (many of them, about 100).
How to play the videos WITHOUT breaks between them?
Now, I do have about 3 seconds break between each videos.


You’ll need to merge them into a single video.

It is exactly what I do not want to do. It is an interactive art-installation and the files change everyday. Some do stay, some not and the order changes too.

I think a playlist could help, but the playlist I did through VLC is not accepted…

Playlists won’t change that behavior. The video renderer must reset at the end of each video and beginning of the next because the decoding parameters change.

The pause you see is due to that switchover.


Thanks for your infos!

In the manual I found this line:
“If you wish to play a list of VOB files continuously, simply select a file from the view screen and press Play. The VOB files will play in tandem seamlessly.”
Anybody tried that?
I’m trying it now!

IIRC, VOB files won’t play seamlessly if by themselves; they must be authored in the construct of a DVD, complete with IFO files.

yes… it it what I found out today!!! Not so nice.
But I found a software Pavtube mxf which convert many mxf in one mpeg so that I would save one export per installation. Not perfect but it is a way around.
Dear greetings!