WD TV Live USB Stick: which Format is the most reliable?


Hi dear people,

I’m using a WD TV Live device to play a very long list of videos (About 100, max 5 minutes length each, most of them shorter) in a folder. Play all in a loop. In use for 6 to 8 hours per day 3 weeks long.
Which format would you advise me to use by formatting the USB Stick.
I’m working on a mac so I can format the stick with following format:
MAC OS Journaled
MAC OS Extended
MS DOS Dateisystem FAT

Thanks a lot!


Why not use its current format?


read the user manual : http://www.wdc.com/WDProducts/Library/UM/ENG/4779-705035.pdf


Actually the circumstances change here. I have to put all the movies in a long file (3 or 4 hours) which will be exported daily as between the small files WT display a black gap of a few seconds. It is an interactive art installation, therefore the daily updates.
So I must use FAT isn’t it?
Weird is that in the manual it is not mentioned that MacOS will be recognized but it does…


Is Mobdro can installable on WD TV Live SUB Stick. I downloaded the APk file from Here. But i really want to know the working procedure.


Good and Awesome I am happy to join this community very informative thank you for sharing get knowledge is mobdro legal


i was really surprised. since one year i am working on streaming applications. this is first time i saw this type of Streaming application. thank you for sharing this and i will use this.
best alternative for streaming application here. that is Redbox TV app.


Yes you said absolutely true. But some times i faced few problems in my Home (Embassy Edge) and also another apartment (Prestige Jindal City). Try to solve in Smart TV that was not resolved try to send me solutions to fix.


WD TV, i heard this name long time back. But i don’t know how to use it.
kindly provide me the installation process and alternatives for WD TV.


Thanks for the share.