WD TV Live Unboxing and Trying out for the first time

Need help with WD TV Live. I recently bought this product and trying it out. Faced with the following issues

  • Doesnt read Seagate FreeAgent 500 GB HDD. Only reads if i reset to Factory Default and HDD is connected. Real problem as I cannot reset to Factory settings everyday to read the HDD.

  • The player hangs frequently if I use 2 USB ports. 1 port connected to HDD and a Pen Drive connected on another port.

  • Player hangs if I have Wifi and indexing an external HDD

  • Indexing and External HDD 500 GB take hours. Even after 2 hours its not complete.

  • Wifi streaming on Youtube hangs sometimes and need to power off and on to get to WD TV home screen

Any help appreciated as I am lost and wondering why I bought this buggy product.

This is not normal, If you have it up to the latest firmware try rolling back to a previos version.  If it is not in the latest try updating it.  If the issues are not fixed you may return it to the place of purchase, or contact WD for a replacement.