WD TV LIVE - unable to play video or picture files. Please Help


I’m still not able to view my video or picture files on my WD TV Live

I’ve done the following:

  • Exchanged my portable hardrive to WD Elements 1 TB
  • Updated the firmware to 1.04.17
  • Reformatted by hardrive
  • Reset the WD TV Live
  • Attempted both USB ports

I’ve copied the same video and picture files to a USB key and it does play.

I would appreciate any advice or assistance.

I assume what you are actually saying is that the WDTV Live does play the files but not via your attached hard disc. You have no problems with a USB flash drive. What hard drive did you have before the WD Elements 1 TB?

Yes, that’s correct, not able to view my files via my portable hardrive.

I’m still trying to workout if the problem is the portable hardrive or WD TV Live? The error message is “no audio” and “check the supported files”.

The original hardrive was a WD 1 TB passport USB 3.0. WD support informed him that the USB 3.0 is not supported.

The actual error message

“Unable to play selected file” error message and it tellls me to check the manual for supported files.