Wd tv live+TP-Link TL-WN821NC


Possibily if you have the correct version.

TP-Link Wireless N USB adapter TL-WN821N Ver 2.2

I believe the c at the end of your number stands for cradle.


yes ,i think so.thank u

This ver 2.2 is not being sold anymore. There are many newer versions, 2.8, 3.0 , 3.1 that does not work with wd-tv live. Wd please add support for the newer versions of the usb sticks, tp-link wn821c is a good & cheap 300 mbps wireless adapter which helps to decrease the total cost of ownership of wdtv units.

I just ordered one of these a few days ago, arrived today and it v3 and doesn’t work.

any way of downgrading the firmware on it, anyone know?  or better still, WD please add support.

Just tried TP-WN821N ver 3.1.  No success.

WD TV LIVE doesn’t  recognize it at all. Its as if there is no power

WD please add support for this version

am tired of buying and returning wifi usb adapters

Same here. I just bought a TL-WN821NC since it’s in the list of supported adapters. Turns out i got a Ver:3.0, and the WD TV Live doesn’t detect it.

Please add support for more wireless USB adapters WD!