WD TV Live - Synology NAS via NFS

I’d like to buy a secondary media player, which is able to connect to Synology NAS via NFS protocol.

  • Is it possible to connect to shared folders of NAS with WD TV Live via NFS?

  • Is the wifi adapter build in into this device? Is it support WPA2 security algorithm on wifi?

  • Is the device support Unicode character display (folder and file names via NFS)?

  • How many clicks are necessary on the remote controller to connect the shared folder of NAS from the main menu of WD TV Live? (After I set up once the connection details of course. Available PCH C200 remembers the last folders (on net shares too) after the next wake up and you can continue the navigation from there. From the main menu of C200 only 2 clicks are necessary to connect shared folders of NAS. This is very comfortable, but C200 would be too expensive for secondary player.)

Thanks for help.

Only the Live Streaming has built in Wifi. The live/live plus don’t support NFS, the live streaming does. 

The WD Live and Live Plus with WDLXTV custom firmware supports NFS shares quite nicely.  Just Google WDLXTV and check out the WiKi. Be advised you may have to do several backward firmware updates to install. Also if Netflix is important read the forums on how to insure you dont lose that functionality.