WD TV Live + Synology DS413j & missing content information

Hi,  I have recently purchased a Synology DS413j NAS to use with my WDTVLive box.  

Have had the WDTVLive for some time now and up until the NAS I was just using a USB attached HDD for my films.  For any films on the HDD it seemed to have no problems fetching the content info and I enjoyed backdrops, film info etc. 

However, since adding the Synology into the equation I cannot get any content information. 

I can seen my film or TV programs, but all I see if the file name and no content info at all. 

I have enabled Media Manager and set it to look at the directories where the films are on the NAS,  and then selected my media library from the videos area with the red button.  However, the WDTVLive doesn’t seem to fetch media information.

Any advice or guidance on what I should do to set this up so it works OK would be appreciated. My WDTVLive box is running the 1.15.10 firmware.

Kinda frustrating that a cheap USB attached drive gives me a better experience than my expensive NAS system .

Thanks in advance for your help.

Did not see you repost in the other forum so here is my experience.  I have the identical setup. #1 enable NFS sharing on the Synology for the directory with you videos/movies(you will need to enter thye IP for the WD in permissions).  #2 Do NOT connect to the Synology via the Synology’s built in  DLNA server… #3 On the WD connect to the SYnology via Network > linux shares…  The WD can’t write the meta data to the DLNA server only directly to the Synology.

Because I dont care for the way the media library changes the sort order ( ie. if the title is The Bourne Identity it will put it in the "T"s regardless of the actual file name.  You can edit the file data to get around this but I find it easier to only enable the Media library when I add new files, let it gather the content info, then select the video source as the linux share rather than the Media Library.  Ant then turn off the Media Library. That way content is displayed based on the real filename.  Also when the Media Library is enabled the Synology does not like to go into sleep mode when not in use.

Hi,  Thanks for the help.

OK so I did what you asked.  However on the WDTVLive I don’t get the option for Linux shares only Windows shares.  Have I done something wrong or missed something? 

Do you have the WDTVLive OR the WDTVLive SMP?

If he’s running 1.15.10, it must be the SMP.

To see the option for Linux shares, you must enable that option in the setup screens.  NFS shares are disabled by default.

Thank you Tony.  I glossed over the firmware version and was thinking of the limitations of the gen 2 Live…

LordEntrophy:  What Tony was talking about is under Setup>Network.  Then scroll down to the last item to enable access to Linux servers.

Ok, I have done all you have said but I can not enter The Linux Share option. 

The NFS is turned on and Videos\Movies on the NAS is also setup by enabling NFS sharing on the Synology for the directory and IP addresses entered for WDTV Live boxes.  Sharing is set as Read/Write and as guest.

Do NOT connect to the Synology via the Synology’s built in  DLNA server. you say , but the only way right now is through Windows Shares.  So, the WDTV live is running but do not use Synology built in DLNA?  I think you mean Media Server do not use that option.

When you add new files you mean movies?  what about thumbnails and such that the WDTV live is suppose to recognize and show?  does the WDTV live do all the searching when you turn on the option Media Library? that means it finds the media information for each movie in that folder or movie ?

so, media library is suppose to be off when adding movies? or adding thumnails, xml and other files?

I guess a step by step instructions would help more.


p.s. I wrote to Synology about Media content information wanted to work with WDTV live box and they said if they get enough people to write to them they would probably do it.  More on that…so Media Server works with WDTV Live showing the media content information for movies, etc.  My suggestion GUYS is to write to them also for future and better programs

What do you mean by "Ihave done all you have said but I can not enter The Linux Share option. "

1.  Is the “Access to Linux Servers” Enabled under Settings > Network ?

2.  If the answer to 1 is yes, When you select your source and chose “Network Share” do you get a choice for Windows Shares and Linux shares?  If Linux share option isn’t there try restart/reboot of the WD. If Linux share otion is there then this is where you add the IP of the Synology.

3.  For me, I only turn on the Media Library after I add files (both movie and Thumbnails) and then choose it as my source.  You also need to add the Linux Share to the Media Library (Not the DLNA server) and let it fetch the additional content to include thumbnails if needed.  Dependinh on how you named things you may have to select options and do a manual update changing the movie name so that the Library can find the correct item in the catalog.  I only enabled the auto scan the first time I connected the NAS, afterwards I have performed it manually as I added content.

Ok, the Linux option is ON.  I then did a reboot and it did find my NAS IP and I didn’t have to enter it but just choose my NAS (192.xxx.xxx.xxx) and now it is scanning my NAS.  Entire NAS, which there is only 2 Media files I put on there under \video\movies\martial arts\

Yeah it surely is searching right now my entire NAS.

I need to add the Linux Share to the Media Library? how I do that?  why do I need to?  when do I just use the Media Server from my DS411 NAS and hit the button C on my WDTV live remote?

Hey, what program are you using for your movie and Thumbnail program? What are your settings because I don’t think mine is working correctly.  I been using Thumbnail and I have used Hubflow.

I want to be able to use different templates for media information or just one specific one but not the WDTV live one that is already of ver 1.15      How I do this?


Media Library.

In Setup>Operations>Media Library>Media Library Manager for Network Shares  add your NAS IP\folder. I would then clear the library and let it scan again.

For Thumnails I use Thumbgen.  I don’t use templates on the Live SMP, I did on the LivePlus with custom firmware, so cant help there.

OK so I have followed the instructions.  I have enabled Linux shares and have been able to connect the TVLive to the Synology in this way.  

I have restarted the TVLive recreated the media manager connection and it has scanned.  It now detects the number of files correctly but it still refuses to fetch any thumbnails or any other content information.  

I am going to try renaming all of my files to remove any odd text in the file name to see if the media manager can detect things more efficiently when it next scans,  not sure this is the issue, but I’ll give it a try.  Interestingly some of my TV files have scanned OK but not the films. 

Try doing manual mode. I find the automatic mode to not be very flexible with how you name your files.  Just highlight an icon for a file without a thumb and the options button on remote for menu where you can do various file fubctions to include metadata.

I did this to my 1st WDTV Live box it finds it and it scanned and found the 2 files I stuck in under \video\movies\martial arts\13 Assassins and then for 14 Blades and it comes up when I hit 'C" on the WDTV live button.

None of the media information is showing up for the 2nd WDTV Live? why would that be?  it uses the same files on the NAS…right?

Anyway, with AUTO on it scanned 753 files and even put media information in the appropriate movie folders.  But I did not see 753 files with media information!

I used Thumbgen also, but it seems to be not making the media information correctly for each movie.  What are your setting if I may ask.  It needs a XML Document for each movie plus the movie screen document and thumbnail yes?  what is the setup to do WDTV live get media content correctly under Thumbgen?


Since I stopped using my WDTV LivePlus I only use Thumbgen to create thumbnails and not movie sheets.  I am content with the information and backdrops Medie Library creates.  I don’t have two boxes running on my network so0 can’t give you realtime help.  I did set up two boxes for a friend also connected to a Synology 413j and bothe were able to see the same thumbs/backdrops/movie info so I can only speculate that you don’t have permissions quite right for the nonworking box…

“But I did not see 753 files with media information!”  Does that mean you don’t see any or just some?

I saw some with media content information and some did not have it at all.

I do not think there was even 75 movies with media content information showing from the 753.

I appreciate all you are doing!


Think you are have to do manual mode.  You can try goung to the Media manager for network shares and do a rescan of your linux shares. I usuall do it twice in a row. for some reason it doesnt always take the first time.  i know manual can take quite some time but you only have to do it once for each movie

OK so I still seem to be having problems and I don’t have a manual option if I push the options button on an individual file.  I attached a USB stick to my WDTV with some files on it, and that works fine so there is clearly something funky with my network setup.  Had I realised it was going to be this much trouble I don’t think I would have bothered. 

If there is no “Get Content Info” menu item when you press options, then your content source is NOT set to “My Media Library.”

OK here is my typical process when I add a movie.

  1.  Copy the movie and thumbnail to the NAS
  2. Enable the media Library on the WD and wait until light stops flashing on WD
  3. Go to Media Manager for network shares and click on rescan of the share
  4. Go to video menu on WD and select Media library as source.
  5. Navigate to the new movie, select options and do manual entry adjusting movie name as needed to get correct information
  6. Back to root of video menu and select linux network share as source
  7. Go to setup and turn off media library

Why do I do all the turning on and off of the media library?  When the media library is turned on it polls the NAS to often to let the NAS sleep when not actually in use. Also I don’t like the way that the Medial library Sorts on the Movie Title and not the actual filename and I’d rather not edit the xml to force sorting order the way I want it. Finally NFS (linux shares) performance is much better than CIFS (Media Library/windows shares) and is an important consideration when playing high bitrate movies.