WD TV Live suddenly stopped detecting Windows 7

Hey Everyone,

I’ve had my WD TV Live working for many , many months now. Of course that was after the typical initial setup issues most people have. In any case, the WD was working fine this morning. Then later on in the evening it would not even find my desktop. It finds my Windows 7 Laptop and my Linux Mint Laptop without any problems. Unfortunately all of my media is on my desktop. I haven’t changed anything on my desktop or WD so i’m not sure why this is happening. Anyone have this issue and fixed it?

You say you haven’t changed anything, but Windows *does* install updates automatically, and it’s quite possible this broke it.

In particular, we know that anything to do with Windows Live Assistant will break the Live’s connection (the Samba shares).  Examine your PC for any traces of this stuff.

Hey Mike,

Yeah, i thought of that and checked, but no updates were installed since the last time it worked properly. I just put another movie on my share and decided to try it out again and it’s working now. It’s the weirdest thing…i didn’t try anything ot fix it or anything. It jsut started working by itself after having it powered off for a few hours. Oh well, i’m just glad it’s working. Thanks for the reply. Maybe it just needed a rest…lol.