WD TV Live stuck on main screen

Hi there,

My WD TV Live is stuck on the main screen. It was working yesterday morning. turned it this afternoon and has been hanging on the main screen. I have done all the trouble shooting suggestions, like unplugging it waiting 10 seconds, making sure it is plugged in the socket not a power plug. I pressed the reset button held for 10 seconds. repeated this a number of times. Nothing. Can someone explain what has happened and how I can fix it.


Check the remote batteries?

I have. Even taken to a different tv

Did you replace the batteries as a test?

By “Main Screen,” do you mean the main menu, or the “WD TV” Logo screen?

Disconnect everything from your WDTV – network cables, USB drives, etc, everything except the TV cable and power.

Wd tv logo screen. Did all the plug in and outs waited 10 seconds. Only thing connected is the wall plug and hdmi cable. I even tried network cable

can anyone help…or is the box garbage?

This is a user to user forum. You likely need to contact WD support.