Wd tv live streaming player G3 cant resume if shut down

I have firmware 1.11.14 I tried different things I read about on this forum, to off and on media library and to build one media library.

but everytime I go to a movie mkv file and out again and hit home, turn off , so it cant resume the movie.

but resume works, if I dont shut it down? there is something wrong with the player?

I think your post is in the wrong forum. This forum is for the 2009 model WDTV Live HD and 2010 model WDTV Live Plus.

The forum for the 2011 WDTV Live Streaming Media Player is here:


But to get to your question:

  Where are the movies?  On a network share, a Media Server, or a USB disk?

RESUME only works with USB and / or Media Library.  It does not work with Media Servers.

ohhh so maybe I delete my post here and do it in the other forum u sent or??

its on a network share

A moderator will move the post.

If you’re using a Network Share, the share must be part of the Media Library, and the Content Source (Red Button) must be set to “My Media Library.”

it is part of media library, because when I hit the red bottom and choose my media library, my folder with my movies on my netword shares comes up. so it should work right?

Well, yeah, I think it should…

I need to go test that myself – I usually don’t power it down – I leave it in Standby.   It might only be restarted once or twice a week, if that…