WD TV Live Streaming not working properly for music, video and pictures is OK

I have recently bought this mediaplayer. I do however have problems playing music from my Windows 7 PC using the mediaplayer. The mediaplayer says it cannot find any music items (both in mediaplayer and network share). It does not have any problems finding and playing movies and or pictures. Moving some music folders into the video folder on my PC also did not work, so I think there is an issue with the mediaplayer.

Playing music from WMP is no problem, but I prefer playing music from the mediaplayer itself.

Any ideas?

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What format are your music files in?
If you the files tab can you see your music folder in network shares? What happens if you try to enter that folder.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I only have mp3 files in my music folder. The mediaplayer says however that there are no media in the current folder. This also happens when I try to access the music folder from the files tab.

The folder is a public music folder on my PC. The system does not have problems with videos or pictures in the public folders and shared folders, only music seems to be the problem.

To check whether there may be some issues with the public music folder I copied some songs to the video folder, which it does use to play movies from, but it also can not find the music there.


In addition to the above… the mediaplayer does see the playlists (via files accessed through media server) created in WMP and plays the music from it. It is very strange that the system does not see the music files media server outside the playlists.

After a reboot of the system the mediaplayer was able to see the music files from the network shares… but I like the media player option much better.

How to solve this?