WD TV Live Streaming Not detecting Network share of other WD live


I purchased the new WD TV live streaming and it is unable to detect the usb storaged attached to my other older WD Live media player (the grey one with ethernet but no wifi). I checked by click the “media server” and “network share” sources available. I think this is strange because i own 2 grey WD live media players and they have no problem seeing each others shared attached usb drives. However, when i purchased this new wd tv live streaming player i cannot see either of my older grey wd live players.

The reason i would like this to work is because my grey wd media player has a 1 tb attached to it and i would like to access its content using wifi from the new wd tv streaming media player.


My old WD media player detecting my new WD media player streaming live:


Trying to find Old wd media player live using new WD media player streaming live:


Not finding Old wd media player live using new WD media player streaming live in either “windows shares” or “linux shares”


My Macbook detecting both old and new WD media players:

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 2.16.02 PM.png

Have you tried to access the other WDTV using the media server option? Also if you are using a wireless connection for the SMP, try using a wired connection to the router and check if that helps.

Your idea made perfect sense so i tried it and yes i was able to detect my old grey WD media player live when both of them were directly plugged into the same router using ethernet.

When i moved the new WD media player streaming back to my room suddenly it could detect my old WD media player and the attached HD on it.

In conclusion this seems to have solved the problem for some reason!