WD TV Live Streaming Media Player

I’d like to extend my warmest gratitude and appreciation to PGRated, RichUK, Joey Smyth, Mike27oct and MarkJ for your support and valuable advice. Guys you have been wonderful … Thank you. I appreciate the fact that you were patient, understanding and you put your advice in layman’s terms. You are true professionals in every sense of the word.

I disconnected the external (Portable) hard-drive from the SMP, I went into the ‘Setup’ and turned ‘Media Player’ off, I then followed Joey Smyth’s advice and created a ‘Hidden Folder’ on the external (Portable) hard-drive where I put all information that was not media related into it. @MarkJ I have plugged the USB Device into the front USB port, thank you for that little tidbit, and @Mike27oct I had the same thought about purchasing a WD HD that will be only for media player, thank you for confirming that my idea wasn’t silly; 'cos that’s what I thought it would be, I second guessed myself, thinking I was over-dramatising the situation. Thank you also for mentioning purchasing a WD HD that has a sleep/idle feature. For the future I will plan on purchasing a WD HD soley for media play-back.

As I said I’m pretty good at learning, and as I followed all your instructions, it is working, and I tested it today, I’m able to view my movies :womanhappy:

Without exaggeration you guys have helped me immensely, you have helped me save money, as I was going to, in desperation call in a technician, you have helped me from losing my sanity, I was becoming rather frustrated, and I was thinking that I’ve wasted money and time in buying the WD in the first place. My initial thought was download movies, transfer them to an SMP to watch. It saves buying and wasting DVD’s (if the software doesn’t work). 

My father and I enjoy classic movies, the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, James Cagney etc. Being an Australian, it seems to be rather difficult to access classics that are PAL, so a SMP was the perfect solution.

Thank you. I’m a very happy, happy woman, between you all, you have made me a happy woman :womanhappy:

xxx Sonja

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Awesome post Sonjadt, good to know it worked out for you. 

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