WD TV Live Streaming Media Player not compatible with Windows 10

When I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 my WD TV Live Streaming Media Player could not play any downloaded movies or TV shows. The problem was rectified when my computer was reverted back to Windows 7. The User Manual for my media player states that “this media player is Windows 7 compatible”, which infers that it is not compatible with Windows 10.

I need to buy a new computer and it seems that I have to install Windows 10 on it.

Is there anything I can do to ensure that my media player is Windows 10 compatible?

Firstly, you’ve posted in the Wrong Forum (this is the 2014 WDTV Media Player Forum)

Secondly, have you even searched for a solution to your problem ? and try things other people have suggested ?

here … and here as examples

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Thanks Joey.

Being new to the WD Community I wasn’t sure which category to use, being the one I used or WD TV Live Streaming. You mentioned a mod – what does that do? If it relates to transferring my post to the WD TV Live Streaming category how do I do it?

I have browsed the 2 links in your post. It seems there are different slants on the same or similar problem I have. I’ll keep looking though.

mod = Forum Moderator

to re-phrase: a moderator will move this to the correct forum in time