[ WD TV Live Streaming (Gen3) ] How, where to get new url for auto meta-data?


A lot of my movies are not supported by this metadata. So I would like to add some others M-D.Hello !

Can you explain me what I have to do to get more Meta-data on my WD TV Live ?

Standard configuration is with The moviesDB… How can I add more base of metadata ? and where can i find them ?

(Sorry for my english… :-s)



Beaucoup de mes films ne sont pas pris en charge par ces métadonnées. Donc, je voudrais ajouter quelques autres M-D.

Pouvez-vous m’expliquer ce que je dois faire pour avoir plus de méta-données sur mon WDTV Live ?

D’origine, j’ai un lien qui est le suivant : The moviesDB… comment en rajouter ? et ou en trouver ?



hey im not sure you can set more metadata sources in the wd but there is a coupple of apps on this site you can use to get metadata for your collection you have to do it manual on your pc though 

There is an option in setup, system, Meta-Source Manager but it asks for a file, I have no idea what it wants info wise or format.

Edit: It needs an xml file, too complicated for me to sort out. I wanted to add IMDB, maybe WD should provide a guide of how to do it seeing as it’s an option/feature of the player.