WD TV Live Streaming Gen.3 direct NAS Shares


I have bought the new WD TV Live Streaming Gen.3. Actually, everything works perfectly and I can easily stream from my QNAP 219P II.

Now a question, it is somehow possible for each menu Video / Music / Photo shares directly specify which point to the correct folder on the NAS. At the moment I can only access the common folder “Multimedia” and I have to click through from there to video or otherwise. I find this quite annoying. Maybe even know any of you to a solution?

Thank you for your help!

When you add shares to the Media Library, don’t add the WHOLE SHARE at once.

When you select “Multimedia,”

it will then show you a list, something like this:





Instead of choosing PLACE HERE immediately, go one folder further and then select PLACE HERE.

But keep in mind…  if there are PHOTOS in the VIDEO section, MUSIC in the PHOTOS section, and so on, then those folders will continue to be listed in when you select each section…

Thank you for your answer.

You recognized my problem. But i don’t work with the Media Library. I do simple Network Shares. However, it is not possible to go to a folder on. Among the shares that I can not jump through the folders. I can only select the Multimedia folder, I can go further.

No one an idea?

It’s not possible.

But there’s a “workaround…”  You could add your favorite folders to the DASHBOARD, and access them directly that way.

Oh nice, I will test it! And than is it possible to delete the standard folders (videos, music, photos)?