WD TV Live Streaming extremely slow performance after every ON cycle

After every session of movie playing, turned off the device normally, then it is guaranteed that my next new session, newly ON device, will give me a very very slow performance of the user interface. It also gives a somewhat slightly slower movie performance, also need a lot of time for pausing and resuming.

But after I unplug the power cable, a.k.a reset the device, it suddenly goes to perfectly normal, the user interface and everything.

So Nowadays I have to unplug and replug the device everytime I want to turn on the device to watch a movie. This used to be only needs to be done after I have a youtube viewing in the previous device on session.

Should I just give up and sell the device? Are there any workarounds? I am on newest firmware.

Does this happen if you disconnect the device from power after watching rather than using standby?