WD TV Live streaming capabilities

I guess the simplest way to ask this question is: Can WD TV live device access and stream to a TV the “Crackle” internet channel? If so, how is access gained?


And yes.

It can’t access Crackle natively, but you can stream it if you access it though a media server like Playon.

Thanks, Tinwarble! 

I didn’t supply enough info. I’m using Apple equipment, and the problem I’m _really_ trying to solve is accessing my LAN - and all the programming thereon - via WD TV live.

So far, it appears I can only access the router-modem (or LAN) via some pre-determined “service,” i.e., whatever is on “My Live Tv.” Is this a true statement?

Thanks again, and I apologize for not asking the correct question in the first place. (Sometimes I’m not sure myself what the actual problem is!)