WD TV Live Streaming and HDD drives with GPT partions 3T and more


I have mediasonic HDD enclosure K32-SU3 USB 3.0.  3T Hdd formatted  with GPT NTFS partition. I tried connect it in to rear and front USB ports. Fail on both USB port. Device does not recognize the drive. Then I change the usb cable to USB 2. The same result. What i want to understand is this is enclosure problem or GPT partition. Does device works with GPT partions more than 2T? 

I want to add that that enclosure works well on my Desktop and laptop with USB2 and USB 3.

generally speaking drives larger than 2T do work

although some have problems with certain USB 3 external drives


Acoording  to this  http://wiki.wdlxtv.com/Differences_between_kernels , there is kernels without 3T support. Does my device  WDBHG70000NBK kernel supports 3T device? And how can i check the kernel version?


not only is that page regarding homebrew firmware

but it’s also about the wd live and live plus

which are both completely different older devices

this is the live smp forum

the live smp

has always had 3 tb support from the initiall launch of the device

as for what device you, have you can look up your serial number, if you’re not sure