WD TV Live stops working sporadically

Message to AlanH (sorry for such a late response)

I did what you suggested, ran a few movies through Handbrake and afterwards had no stoppages whilst viewing.  Very happy.  Is there anything else I could do should issues crop up again?

I also find that the WD TV writing for the menu and lists on the TV screen are not clear, pretty hard to read, is there anything I can do to fix?

Much appreciate your help.

I’m not sure what the original problem was because you started some new threads here rather than respond on that old thread, but if running your files through Handbrake has fixed the issue, you should be okay and not experience the problem again.  Handbrake is sort of the “gold standard” when it comes to making files the Live likes – I have literally hundreds of movies created this way and have never had an issue playing them on any of my Live units.

If you can’t see the writing on the screen you can try a different resolution for your TV – if you are hooked up to HDMI the Live by default will try and set it for the best resolution, but it’s possible your TV isn’t handshaking properly.  You can do to video/audio settings and select your resolution there but you might want to post here how you are connecting (HDMI, component or composite – that is the order of preference in terms of resolution, HDMI being the one you want if your TV can support it, then component, then composite).

It all started here Mike and this reply was meant for you.