WD TV Live standing next to guitar amp, a problem?

Hi! I recently bought a WD TV Live and totally like it.

I have a small 10 watt guitar amp at home from Marshall ( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ZOZeUuzTSos/TL3GpLLWHHI/AAAAAAAAKMQ/daCvoTQKXlw/s1600/Marshall-amp.jpg)) with an inbuilt speaker and recently I had the media player with attached external hard drive standing next to this amp and did not think about that this amp has a speaker which is magnetic. Do you think that this could have caused any harm to the WD or the external hard drive? I tested the speaker with a small magnet and the metal on the inside and outside really is magnetic. I read that hard drives can even be destroyed by small magnets this worries me a bit,

Is the WD also vulnerable to magnetism?

To the WD?  Doubtful.   To the HD?   Possibly.

However, magnetic fields drop VERY quickly with distance.   A few feet away shouldn’t be an issue at all.

The WDTV is just a board of electronic components just like the electronic components within your amp. Therefore its not going to be damaged by a magnetic field. As Tony said you should keep a harddisk away from it but thats all. If you have the Live hub which has an internal disk when this is a different matter and maybe you should move it to a different position. 

As to the magnetic test any metal which is ferrous will stick to a magnet but this does not mean that the actual metal is magnetic. The speaker in the amp works by having a reasonably powerful magnet on the back of it.