WD TV Live spontaneously reboots

My WD TV Live has started to reboot at irregular intervals for no apparent reason. I can be watching a movie, or just in the main menu. 

I’ve tried:

  • Using another power supply

  • Resetting the device

  • Power cycling the device

  • Manually updating the firmware

Still it reboots. Very annoying! Any ideas out there? Anyone with similar experiences, who’ve fixed it?

There are no serviceable parts inside; the circuit diagram is subject to an NDA with Sigma. A warranty return or WD repair is your only option.

Before you return the device, try using it for a few days as a stand alone device with an attached USB drive and disconnected from the network. That at least will eliminate computer errors.

Think I’ve found the problem; it’s network related. My ISP has changed some settings, and the WD TV is unable to resolve DNS. Its sollution seems to be a spontaneous reboot in an effort to «solve» the problem. I unhooked my Ethernet cable, and it hasn’t been rebooting since then. 

Are you on DHCP? What happens when you manually set parameters? Does it still reboot?