WD TV Live SMP Keep on rebooting

Till yesterday it was all working fine.

Today when I tried to power on WD TV Live SMP, it simply keep on rebooting after reaching the menu screen. Sometimes it will stuck a while at “Connecting network…” screen and reboot. I waited 30 mnt hoping aftre some reboots it will stay at home screen. But no matter what I do it never stayed in home screen for a minute.

I hard reset the device using the hole at the bottom (I simply pressed it using a pin holding 10 seconds, while it was

plugged in to power) still same issue.

I used different power adapter, tried different HDMI Cable, tried Different HDMI port on TV, tried ethernet plugged in and not, tried analouge video cable. Still it keep on rebooting.

Any solutions?

Note: No firmware upgrade done in last two weeks.

I tried again with Network Cable disconnected at it stayed at home screen. So at that point i reset the device going to Setup menu. That fixed my issue.