WD TV Live - SlingPlayer – Can’t Display List of Recorded Programs

WD TV Live - SlingPlayer – Can’t Display List of Recorded Programs and Start Playback of Recorded Programs

Problem: We recorded programs on a DVR hooked up to our SlingBox, but can’t display a list of recorded programs via the SlingPlayer app on WD TV Live.


SlingBox: PRO HD

DVR: BUFFALO 地デジチューナー内蔵 コンパクトHDDレコーダー DVR-1C/500G

Additional Info:

Our DVR is supported by the SlingPlayer software. We can record & playback from it using SlingPlayer on other devices, including PC & iPad, where we can display the actual remote control.

However, with SlingPlayer on the WD TV Live, there are no (working) options to allow us to see the list of recorded programs. We can see a “DVR” icon at the bottom left of one of the screens, but it is always grayed out.

Any ideas???

Did you tried to update the WDTV firmware to the latest version.

Thanks for your post Alucardx23,.

Yes, my WD TV LIve unit has the latest firmware, i.e. Release 1.11.14.

Unfortunately, the only published changes to SlingPlayer dealt with remote buttons A, B, C, and D, which apparently did not work.

This WD TV Live SlingPlayer software looks like it was thrown together very fast. We’re discovering other functions that we can’t access, for example, the Bilingual function to switch the broadcast language, functionality that our PVR has and that works fine on other SlingPlayer platforms.

Anyways, we’re still looking for solutions, since we want to watch the SlingBox feed on our TV.