WD TV Live showing only a part of movies list

Hi everybody, 

yesterday i have finally recived this wonderful tv live, but i sudden had a little problem: i have connected it via wi-fi and it found with no problem the MY BOOK LIVE that i have in my home net, the problem is that when i go on trying to see all the movies ( to choose one ) after that i can see 15 or 20 titles it roll back to the first movie! To be more understandble, i have 160 movies and the first one is “1984”, i press the right button on the remote and the tv live goes through the movies, it changes also a page but when it has to go to the third page he restart from the first one. The same thing appens going from the end to the begin of the list, it starts from “Z” and after 2 pages max it goes back to the Beginning “1984”. The first thing that i have done is to change the “view” and something changes but only the amount of the movies shown, for example if in a view i can see max the 20th movie, in another view i can reach the 27th movie, but this is only cose the view permit a certain among of movies in the list of that page. More, the movies ar visible to the tv live becose if i go instead of “folder” in the group “by year” i can see some more…i have done the upgrade of the firmware but nothing.

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

If this is a brand new WD TV Live, you’re in the wrong forum…look at the pics at the top of the main forum page…does your look like that?

no at all, WD Community -> WD TV Products -> Live… i thought it was what i’m loojing for…which is the forum? thanks

Does it look like the picture at the top of the page below, if so post there.


yeah, that’s it, i didn’t know the meaning of “SMP”…i’m sorry guys, thanks for helping


It seems that i HAVE to create the media library. I was confused by other posts in which everybody said to deactivate the media library, maybe that configuration goes well  in the cases you need to share from a pc server. If you have a My Book Live on your own net CREATE the media library. 

Hope this can help :wink:

Well, I’m not sure I understand that.

I mean, I’m glad you’re now up and running, but there’s generally no “requirement” to create the media library.   The absence of it should not prevent you from navigating your videos.

I’m as puzzled as you are.