WD TV LIVE shortcomings

I received this for xmas and in the short time I have had with it so far I must say it does have shortcomings.  Though the picture quality is gorgeous on my 46" HDTV, I found a few areas where it can improve.

If a company lays claim that it can work wirelessly than it should work wirelessly.  Do not make a claim as such if you are going to limit the compatibility with a dozen or so usb wireless adapters, in this case I have 2 usb wireless adapters and neither seems to work.  Also, I’m disappointed that an external cd/dvd drive can’t function with WD TV LIVE, it is similar to an external hard drive and I would assume that adding this capability should be a no brainer.

I understand your frustration.

But no where in the specs does it say it will work with an external optical drive. External optical drives usually work only by emulating a hard drive, so that would involve more coding, and probably a lot more incompatibility issues with different drives.

As far as wireless, there is a list of compatible devices available. I don’t use wireless myself, and frankly I’d be disappointed also, if I were you… But, even people  who do have it working correctly may not be able to stream a 1080p MKV just because the bandwidth needed is so large… Which in turn would bring in a somewhat more valid point of why not was a Gigabit Ethernet adapter used, instead of a 10/100 one? But I digress.

There are several other forums for the WDTV Live, just google them! Everyone is pretty much helpful; well except at AVS…

Good luck!

The WDTV does operate wirelessly but it only with selected devices and WD have always been quite open about this. On a computer you can use drivers to ensure that every device works but I assume that  its a bit more difficult with a hardware device. As to optical drives who says they are the same. They work in completely different ways.