WD TV Live Router issue

Ok here is my issue.

I recently got a WDTV Live and I think its the best thing since sliced bread but I’mhaving an issue.

I had Verizon Fios and they give you a modem/router which to use to recieve your internet and network the devices in your house. I used the WD Live with that and the “Network Shares”  work flawlessly. I can see the WD Live on the network and everything. Everything streams the way it suppossed to.

I switch to time warner cable and I bought a Motorola SBG6580 to use as my modem /Router Combo. So now the WD live won’t show up on the network at al. Even though it doesnt show up on the network you can still. Go on the internet and access Netflix and the like but the “Network Shares” dont work so I’m unable to stream media from my computer like I was able to before. I’m guessing there is some kind of setting with in the SBG6580 that I can change but I cant figure out what it is.

So without changing any settings i can connect my old modem/router and it work but once I connect the SBG6580. The newtork shares dont work. HELP! What could be the setting that I’m having the issue with?

Thanks in advance

hmniphoto wrote:> The network shares dont work. HELP!




What OS are you using on the computer / server containing the files?

windows 8