Wd tv live remote Gen 1 to 3


I’m new here, just want to know if a wd tv Gen 1 remote control will work with a wd live TV streaming Gen 3 unit?


Yes, it will, but the older remote doesn’t have all of the additional function buttons the later remotes have.


Thanks for the quick reply, but to play just media from a hard drive, is it good enough? The other functions can just be scrolled up down left right to access?

Yep. Works fine.


If you need a remote for a specific model check eBay they are all there for most any device.

Thanks, it just so happens I have a busted remote for gen3, and a friend has a busted gen1 unit but good remote, just wanted to make sure it works before he mail it over. Again, thanks!

As everyone has replied … a Gen 1 remote will work on a Gen 3 device for Basic Functions like Power, Mute, Play, FF, REW, Stop, Play, Navigation.

But missing buttons on Gen 1 remote such as “Audio” and “Subtitle” means you can’t change the audio/subs if a video has multiple audio tracks and multiple subs.

Also, missing shortcut/functions buttons A,B,C,D on the Gen 1 remote you won’t be able to quick select various functions like Sort & Filter Content, Change Source, Change View etc.

However, most (all) of those functions can accessed in the “Setup” Menu

Thanks, I will give it a try.