WD TV Live remote app Ipad4

I bought the app WD TV Live remote for my player. The app does not see the player in the network. When I configure the IP adress of the player manually, the app freezes.

My meaning is to control Netflix with my Ipad. I want to browse in the movies and click on a movie on the Ipad. The WD TV Live player then plays the movie. Does somebody know if this if possilbe?

Unsure about the app as it should be ok.

But would you not be better with the Netflix app for the Ipad, I am sure it would be a lot better, and updated more regularly.

matje wrote:

I bought the app WD TV Live remote for my player. 

If you bought an app, it’s not WD’s.  All of WD’s apps are free.

I think there is a reason why they are free ! :smiley:

In the mean time I have found the free app of WD and works fine.

I dont want to watch movies on the Ipad. I only want to use the ipad to browse to the movies. In the netflix app on the WD TV Live it is a bit difficult to find fast the genres and to browse to the movies. On the ipad it goes much better. But it would be nice if you could choose the movie on the ipad and a command goes to the WD live with movies has to be played.

I lov(ed) and still do love my WD Live Hub.

But I just bought a 10M HDMI cable and via a Mid range PC with an HDMI out graphics card, what you can accomplish with XBMC and Yatse remote app on your Android phone is out of this world.

You can see all your films on the app via the remote app, stream them to your phone, view Imdb, but this all comes at a cost of a decent PC and TV I suppose, on that note I have lost days with HDMI issues yada yada…but its been fun. :slight_smile:

So I suppose what I am trying to say is, there is only so much these little boxes can do, and in my opinion playing the media is the most important, but eye candy is fun as well.