WD TV Live : problem with some TuneIn radios


I have a few problems connecting to some famous french radios within TuneIn app.

The radio station are : FIP, France Bleu, France Culture, France Musique, Le Mouv’.

The error message is (translated from french) : “Impossible to read the selected file. Please refer to the user manual for a list of the supported file types”

All these radio are “mainstream” in France (Public radio) and work well with TuneIn on Android devices.

My WD TV Live is up to date with the Firmware 1.15.10

Thank you for your help.

Though this does not sound like the exact same issue, may be related. TuneIn has many stations that you can access via their site and Andriod / IOS apps, that it does not allow on hardware devices. Several stations that I listen to on my PC through their website will not work on my WD devices. Ususally I get a “not supported” message, but I have had some that just dont seem to work without a clear explanation. I believe it is a liscensing issue.

Good luck


Suggest the poster check out the stations at the actual Tunein site to be sure they are playable.

Like Pearl said, some stations do not play on the WD player, BUT, they will play from the Tunein site, AND from my Roku.  There are actually quite a few that the Roku can play and the WD can’t.  This issue has been around for a while, and WD seems unwilling to fix things here. Tsk, tsk, WD.

Thank you for your answer,

These radio are playable on the TuneIn site (and on the Android and iOs apps too).

I don’t really understand why the WD can’t play them since they are very standard : it is a very simple mp3 128k stream…

I really miss these radio since they are some of the most popular here (in France) and any other device can play them :frowning:

It is a shame that WD does not seem to focus on fixing some of the issues with this app. It’s an awesome thing to be able to play radio stations from around the world. I know that some of it is licensing, similar to the Hulu issue. The made agreement with stations for users to be able to watch on their computers. That did not necessarily mean that they had the right to stream them through hardware devices. I am assuming this is a similar issue with TuneIn, though mike27oct pointed out that his Roku can do some that the WD cannot.

I love listening to sports radio from different cities. Gives you a whole new perspective on a team.

BTW, thanks Mike. I have a Rolu as well but have never tried TuneIn on it. Ill have to give it a try and see if I can get some of the stations that I like that the WD cannot. 


I prefer to use the TuneIn app and the Netflix app of the Roku over the WD apps. 

Sorry about that WD, but I lean toward the best user experience, and for streaming stuff, Roku has you beat by a wide margin.

That said, I LOVE my WD player for playing and streaming my local media.  Both players are essential to me.

Another noob who was equally disappointed - I bought my TVLive last week and set up over the weekend. I’ve had a Roku Soundbridge for years and use TuneIn on various Android gadgets. The first two stations I tried on the TVLive, AncientFM and TranceFM both failed on the WD TuneIn app. 

However, using the SHOUTcast app on the TVLive, Ancient FM works and I believe TranceFM should although it couldn’t get a feed when I tried. 

So I might just have to switch my allegiance for the time being. I was quite surprised that the box can play the stream from  an alternative app though… 


Im with mike27oct above. Some stuff will does work better on your Roku, but having both is essential. For local media there is nothing like a WD box. Having one of each in your AV setup will give you everything you need for a great full featured system. No need  switch any alegiances. If I had to use my Roku to play my local movies / tv / music, I’d have lost it by now. In my house I am around 80% on my WD devices and 20% on the two others, and together they make the perfect home AV setup.


Yea, just duct tape the WD and Roku together for the “ultimate” media player!   :laughing:

I tried something different but it failed :

I created a playlist (m3u file) which contain the internet adress of the mp3 stream, but I can’t open this playlist from the WD :frowning:

mike27oct wrote:

Yea, just duct tape the WD and Roku together for the “ultimate” media player!   :laughing:

Sorry, couldn’t resist


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Love it.  Will print and frame it next to entertainment center!

Nice, but the perfect player by definition has to have XBMC so you’d need to tape the Raspberry PI (or the Pivos Xios or something) atop of it.

Well, maybe so, but my “perfect” player would also have a cloud feature so I could easily access the media on it from anywhere and not just when home.  Then maybe I could toss out my Pogoplug.

But we digress, and are getting off topic of the TuneIn issue.

This problem is also mentioned in another topic. I also have problems with newer firmwares which can’t play stations like tranceFM. Therefore I am still at an old firmware version (1.04.12) which can play the streams!