Wd tv live problem, please help?

Hi i have the last version of the WD TV Live and recently have had the same problem watching 2 movies, first time i thought it was a faulty movie file but its happened again.

So basically about half way through the movie it jumps back to the home screen, or the screen with the file selection if you like, and is frozen on that screen.

The strange thing is that i can still hear the movie as if its playing, so i can hear the movie but cant see it, and the wd tv live is frozen as none of the buttons do anything during this time.

the first time it came back on afer about 5 minutes and was fine, second time it was for about 10 minutes, and when it finally came back on the spinning wheel thing was in the center of the screen slowly turning, for the rest of the movie.

im completely at a loss so any help grateful.

If you’re watching via network, try moving the file onto a USB drive and watch it there.

If it happens again, UNPLUG the network cable and see if the problem goes away.

By the way, if you indeed have the “last version” of the WDTV Live, then you’re in the wrong forum.  A new one was released last week.

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am watching off external hard drive.

… and did the problem go away with no network attached?

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sorry for being so dumb but when you say network what do you mean?

basically i know how to put a file on a usb or hard drive but  i get confused with the jargon.

for what its worth ive been watching half hour tv eppisodes the last few nights, maybe 3 or 4 one after another, and nothing has happened.