WD TV Live, problem after problem

The WD Live, is the most frustrating thing I think I have ever purchased in my life, I have never wasted soooo much time on any other electronic device. I have now had 2 of these “media players”. The first one I returned 2/3 through its warranty period, so the second replacement only had a few months warranty remaining, and now the second device is out of warranty and pretty much useless. Anyway the multiple issues I have had with them both is that if I ever needed to disconnect the hard drive or if the power went off it would spend hours compiling the media library before it would read anything off the HD, it would also often freeze up for no particular reason, so then the only answer was to disconnect the power, then waiting hours for it to compile the media library again (if it didn’t again freeze up when attempting to compile the media library). It also would often say it could not recognise a certain media formats on files that it was playing only the day before, and often video files would have no sound.

I can’t see myself ever wanting to purchase another WD product again. :frowning:

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