WD TV Live pre purchase questions?

Hello all,

I am considering purchasing the WD tv live and i have a couple of questions.

  1. Can it compete with the ps3 media player and tversity?

  2. Can it play videos with file sizes larger than 2 gigabytes?

  3. Can i setup a folder on my computer’s hard drive to stream video from with out haveing to use windows media player 7?

  1. I don’t know because I haven’t a PS3

  2. yes, of course.

  3. Yes, this is possible. You can access all shared folders on your pc and navigate thru the folders.

The WDTV Live contains hardware video graphics designed compliant to the international professional digital TV standards and should perfectly replicate the video quality of the source material.

Computers do not contain hardware video graphics chips. The CPU and GPU are software programmed to emulate the digital TV standards. PS3 Media Player is computer software. Your performance will vary depending on the source material and the processing power of the computer.

Overall the WDTV Live will output superior video graphics.

The WDTV is the most versatile and feature-packed media player under $100 available today.  Add that to the fact that it is first and foremost a media player and not primarily a game machine nor a computer, and therefore is designed to work specifically with certain media types like no other.  It is a no-brainer decision to get it.

The best reason though, is because of these message boards.  You can learn a lot here – before and after you get one – from the other members.  I lurked these boards and sucked up information for a year before I ever made a comment here. That’s how good the other WDTV owner-members are at assisting.

1- In my opinion, yes. I tried many media servers on my PS3 before buying the wd tv live smp (ps3 media player, tversity, windows media player, playon). The plus side for me was that the smp (so far) flawlessly plays any file I’ve thrown at it without audio being out of sync, though I believe there is an option in the player to adjust for that if it occurs. It also has a better UI if you ask me, and a more extensive support community (as evidenced here) but not everybody cares about that.
2- Yes.
3- Yes, through the network share option. You’ll have to set the folder to ‘share’ and I had to add a password to my PC to make this work, also.