Wd tv live plus won't play anything!

Hi All, 

So i just upgraded my WD TV LIVE to a WD TV LIVE PLUS, mainly for the ability to play dolby and dts audio, without having to convert my .mkv files to ac3 audio.

I got everything set up and loaded the device. When I select any of my .mkv with or without ac3 audio, I just get the loading graphic and nothing happens, or I get a message saying that a fatal error has occured. I tried some smaller mkv files and they played fine. I also get the same loading graphic occasionaly when I eject the device to load up my external hard drive with more movies.

any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Just out of interest are you saying that you believe that the live plus will play audio tracks that the live will not.

Post the file details of the failed movies using mediainfo.

THEORA files blocked my wdtv live,couldnt play anything after i had them on a usb stick.Had to unplug to get it started again.

Badly authored files can indeed cause the Live to be unable to play anything afterwards without a reset and power unplug.