WD TV Live Plus with wireless adapter and external hard drive

I have a G network with no plans to do streaming over the network, so I need to get an external drive. I was thinking of something like the WD Elements Portable 1TB because it doesn’t need any additional power other than the host machine, but I don’t want to have to keep moving it between my computer and the WD TV Live.

I would also like to be able to check out various Netflix and Pandora functionality so I would need to get some kind of wireless adapter.

Is it possible to hook up both a wireless adapter and external hard drive, and then be able to access the drive over the network so I could transfer files without having to move hard drives around?

Yes to both questions.

Yes!  You can use a wireless USB dongle on one of the included two USB ports of the WD Live, and use the second USB port to connect an external HDD.  Install the included software that comes with your player and you can access your USB-connected HDD from any PC that has the WD software installed on it.  I hope this helps.

Are there any good external HDDs you’d recommend or recommend against? I’d rather not have to deal with another power cord, so if a WD Elements, Elements Portable, or Passport works fine then I might prefer something like that.

If you read the customer reviews on Amazon’s website, you’ll find the WD Elements gets lots of 5-star reviews.  I find almost all the reviews at Amazon thoughtful and honest.  Note:  Don’t buy any external HDD with more than 2 TBs volume!  It won’t work, although WD is currently working on the issue.

I have an elements 1.5 TB on my desktop for backups, I love it! Would the regular elements or portable one be more suitable for the WD?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the difference.  I sure TonyPH or Roofing guy will reply to your question.  Good luck.

The Elements Portable only goes up to 1TB, it’s a 2.5" in form factor and is USB powered (No power adapter). The regular Elements (Desktop) has a 3.5" form factor, goes up to 3TB and has a power adapter for energy.

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My understanding from reading these boards is that a 3 TB HDD will not work, and it may corrupt both your drive and the WD Live Media Player.  Although WD has stated that it is working on the issue right now, if you need a portable drive immediately, then I suggest you by a drive 2 TBs or less.  I hope this reply is helpful.

Thanks, Pizza.  I appreciate the help.

Any reason to get a Passport instead of the Elements Portable?

Only if you want encryption and a basic software for backups, and a longer warranty.