WD TV Live Plus with my Dell computer 20" DVI computer monitor instead of a TV for bedroom

buying a WD TV Live Plus to use with a high end 20" computer monitor instead of a TV

Can I connect the HDMI cable (HDMI both ends) to a HDMI-DVI adapter on one end, then connect to my stand alone Dell ultrasharp 2005fpw 20 inch flat panel LCD monitor. my monitor doesn’t have HDMI, but it has DVI and is very high resolution 16x9.

Please let me know if that will work.

thanks so much.


It may not work.

We’re trying to ascertain if the WDTV Live Plus has HDCP always enabled over the HDMI port… if it does, you won’t be able to connect the HDMI to the DVI unless your DVI is DVI/HDCP.

Probably not a good choice.

The 2005FPW doesn’t do HDCP, so you won’t be able to use any of the premium services like NetFlix, BlockBuster, CN, etc.

Also, the 2005’s resolution is NOT high-resolution; it’s only 1680x1050, so 1080p video is out of the question without downscaling.  

Finally, it’s a 16:10 aspect, not 16:9.