WD TV Live Plus sound doesn't work. Broken AV port?

The AV port in my player has always been a little funny. Video reaches the TV through one of the audio-color-coded plugs; and both video and audio only work properly if the plug is pulled a little out of the AV out port (usually involves a bit of wiggling to get it to work right).

Recently, however, the best sound I can get is barely-recognizeable-as-output fuzzy, staticky noise. 

Is there a way to open up the box and replace the AV port? I’ve had it far too long for any manufacturer’s warrantee to still be valid, I’m sure. 

That’s the only solution I’ve come up with so far. Any other ideas?


I assume you are not using the WD supplied cable. Its wired in a different way to most AV leads.

Oh… that’s valuable information to receive. 

The player was a second-handy-like gift, so I guess the original cable must not be the one I’ve been using all along. I s’pose I’ll have to look into acquiring one of those (when money happens) and see if it works.